Mophie 7.5W 3-in-1 Fast Wireless Charger Pad Black- For Apple Devices, Charge through Lightweight Case, Stylish Design


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Mophie 7.5W 3-in-1 Fast Wireless Charger Pad Black Keep all your everyday-carry accessories charged with mophie’s 3-in-1 wireless charging pad. With 7.5W fast wireless charging, getting your iPhone to full battery is faster than ever. A dedicated spot for your AirPods and Apple Watch means all your favorite devices can be conveniently charged from one central location. You won’t need to fumble for different charging cables for each accessory. Plus, the sleek glass top adds a touch of style to any desk or tabletop. Key Features: • Ultimate Charging Pad mophie’s 3-in-1 wireless charging pad conveniently charges your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch. • 7.5W Fast Wireless Charging Engineered to safely deliver up to 7.5W of power to your iPhone. • Charges Through Lightweight Cases The 3-in-1 wireless charging pad can charge through lightweight phone cases up to 3mm thick, so there’s no need to pull your case on and off every time you want to charge. • AirPods Charging Spot A dedicated AirPods charging spot ensures charging begins on contact and doesn’t obstruct your watch’s screen in Nightstand Mode. • Universal Wireless Charging The wireless charging pad works seamlessly with the latest Qi technology to deliver a safe and efficient charge to your devices. • Charges on Contact Simply place your devices in their places on the pad and charging begins immediately. • Supports Apple Watch Nightstand Mode The Apple Watch charging connector holds the watch at the ideal angle to take advantage of Nightstand Mode • Stylish Design Glass finish or premium Ultrasuede® fabric, the charger complements any table. Compatibility: iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12 mini iPhone 12 iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone 11 iPhone SE (2nd generation) iPhone XS iPhone XS Max iPhone XR iPhone X iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus Apple Watch Series 5 Apple Watch Series 4 Apple Watch Series 3 AirPods Pro AirPods with Wireless Charging Case (2nd gen)

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